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Is There a point to Using Bitewing X-rays?

Providing accurate dental care today is easier than ever before thanks to the advancements in technology. Now we have accurate X-rays that show the exact state and health of teeth, and let dentists figure out how to treat a patients’ teeth. There are a few different types of X-rays though, and it’s important for you to understand why we use the X-rays that we use. For most examinations we’ll be taking bitewing X-rays, and many of our patients wonder why that is, or what the purpose is of a bitewing X-ray. This diagnostic tool gives us a close-up look at specific teeth, and lets us make accurate treatment decisions as well. Read on to learn even more about bitewing X-rays and how we can use them to treat your teeth.


What We Use Bitewing X-Rays For

We routinely rely on bitewing X-rays to diagnose cavities at the back of the mouth and to evaluate bone level throughout the mouth. These X-rays give us a clear picture of the tooth and provide more close detail than some of the other X-rays we use like a panoramic X-ray. With a few carefully taken bitewing X-rays we’ll understand the health of your teeth better and we can use that information to provide accurate treatment and keep your teeth in top shape.

Without these important X-rays we won’t have a clear picture of your overall tooth health and how we can effectively treat the teeth in your mouth. This could result in improper treatment, or missing a serious problem that’s developing. That’s why we won’t provide care to you beyond a cleaning without first taking X-rays and getting the whole picture when it comes to your mouth.

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