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Tooth Healthy Foods to Indulge in at Holiday Parties

Those holiday parties make it hard to say no to many of the foods that are laid out on the tables. However, when it comes to better teeth health, you want to choose tooth healthy foods that are going to help your teeth and not hurt them. With many sweets, it is hard to say no but it can be done. Of course, consult with the best dentist in Albemarle to find out how they’re able to help you get a better smile overall.

Tooth Healthy Foods for This Holiday Season

Before you dig in on all of those delicious offerings on the table this holiday season, make sure to check into those foods that are good for your teeth, while staying away from the ones that are not so good for them.

  • Limit or avoid sugary cookies, candies and sticky dessert foods if at all possible. These leave a residue on your teeth that can eat through the enamel. This is not good for anyone’s teeth.
  • Opt for water over soda or juice, both of these have a high sugar content.
  • Always eat from the fruit and vegetable trays, as these provide not only vitamins and nutrients but a way to get a quick brush in.
  • Say yes to holiday nuts! These brush the teeth and are good for healthier, stronger enamel.
  • Alcohol is also a no-no, as this can cause you to have dry mouth and can stain your teeth.

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If you want to get your smile ready for the holidays or just want to come in and find out some more tips and tricks, speak with us here at Draper Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Ablemarle, NC. We can provide you with even more information regarding those holiday parties and the foods you should eat.