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mouth wash improves oral health

Did you know that gargling can help improve your oral health? There is a lot of other things besides gargling that can improve your oral health. Here at Draper Family & Cosmetic Dentistry we strive to be the best dental office in Albemarle, North Carolina. Here are a few things that you can do to […]

Here at Draper Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Albemarle, North Carolina, we love your teeth and want to give you the dazzling smile that you have always dreamed of. Eating dairy is one of the ways to do it. Today we are going to be discussing about how eating dairy products is good for your […]

New Years’ is everyone’s favorite time to start setting goals to reinvent themselves, and your oral health goals should be included this year! There are several great goals to keep in mind going into this fresh start that can help you look and feel your best all year long. Here at Draper Family and Cosmetic […]

Those holiday parties make it hard to say no to many of the foods that are laid out on the tables. However, when it comes to better teeth health, you want to choose tooth healthy foods that are going to help your teeth and not hurt them. With many sweets, it is hard to say […]